Humble Beginnings

"I don’t believe in miracles, I rely on them!" I was sixteen years old when I came across this quote by an orthopaedic surgeon, and my quest for discovering the truth behind it led me to my starting a medical journey. Fifteen years later, it is indeed true. The accuracy and concentration needed to perform such astute surgeries truly merge the lines between skilful science and mysterious miracles. Although this journey has not been an easy one, it has undoubtedly been a deeply rewarding and inspiring one.

My first exposure to the field of orthopaedics was during my medical graduate degree. As a young intern serving at a hospital in one of the most populous states in India, I was exposed to numerous patients with various ailments. However, what stood out most for me during my internship stint was the environment in the emergency room when a trauma case arrived. The hustling hospital staff coupled with panic-stricken patients, or their attendees didn’t help to reduce the tension in the room. But what made a remarkable difference to the tense atmosphere was when a surgeon on call arrived to attend to the patient. With a calming confidence (however nervous or excited they may have felt internally) and dexterous skill they would attend to the compound fractures with exposed bones. Their response and reaction seemed to infuse confidence in both the patient as well as the relatives accompanying them. This inspired me to work hard to achieve such skill and composure someday. With the well-known cutthroat competition in the Indian medical field, even a dream to get into orthopaedics field can seem impossible. (Only 1 out of 5 medical graduates are likely to qualify for post graduate study.) Post my graduation, I joined the trauma centre in a large hospital with a twofold objective – firstly, to understand the demands of the profession in a more holistic way (and validate my interest in the field) and secondly to gain some first hand experience in handling emergencies and trauma cases. A few months there helped me confirm my decision to dive deeper into the field of orthopaedics. My practical experience, coupled with rigorous academic training finally helped me qualify the NEET Post Graduate exams and I was fortunate enough to get into an orthopaedic residency program.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunities I got and am thrilled to be a part of such a community of skilled and selfless practitioners. However, I understand that I have miles to go and this is just the start of a beautiful journey. I would like to use this platform to share more about the field of orthopaedics and provide virtual patient care in this highly globalised world. But just as importantly, I would like to reach out to my young friends and future colleagues who are starting out on this journey to share with them learnings that I didn’t have access to as an aspiring medical student. Can’t wait for the adventures in store!

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